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Laminate Flooring Installation Kit

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Product Description:

Material: Polypropylene, EVA Foam

Size: Pipe Cutter - 18.31 x 13.78 x 9.84 inches/ 46.5 x 35 x 25 cm

Weight: Pipe Cutter - 3.28 pounds/ 1490g

Compatible Material: For vinyl, laminate and hardwood floor installations


Floor Installation Kit

Complete tool kit contains all the essentials you need, making your installation more convenient and easier. Package included 1 x heavy duty pull bar, 1 x vinyl rubber tapping block, 1 x double faced hammer, 1 x protective foam keen pads and 60 x wedge spacers.

Solid Rubber Hammer

High-strength fiberglass handle mallet with non-slip rubber grip help absorb vibration. Double-faced solid rubber head delivers a softened, positive strike and the mallet head is 35 mm in diameter.

Enhanced Pull Bar & Tapping Block

Extra thick high strength steel made pull bar designed with 3'' wide front edge and felt pads at back help to prevent damaging and scratching your plank during installation. Premium vinyl rubber made tapping block can support highly intense flooring installation task. Suitable for 0.27in (7mm) - 0.6in (15mm) laminate or hardwood flooring.

Excellent Protection

Provide comfortable and waterproof foam kneecap offer true knee support and protection while kneeling on hard and slippery surfaces. Make your work will be easier and more comfortable.

More Wedge Spacers

60 x wedge spacers are included to facilitate flooring installation of large flooring area. The spacers have “serrated” edges that lock them into the correct position once a board is placed against them.

EZARC Laminate Flooring Installation Kit:

Necessity for Laminate Floors The kit detail is as below:

•1 x Professional Double-Faced Hammer
•1 x Heavy Duty Flooring Installation Pull Bar
•1 x Ultra Durable Rubber Tapping Block
•1 x Waterproof Protective Foam Knee Pads
•60 x Professional Flooring Wedge Spacers

EZARC Professional Floor Installation Kit

Double-Faced Rubber Hammer
- Detachable head design

- Measurement

Head: 35mm (D) x 45mm

Handle: 270mm

Enhanced Pull Bar

-Material: A3 Steel - Measurement

Length: 300mm

Width: 73mm

Thickness: 4mm

Solid Tapping Block

- Material: Polypropylene

- Measurement

Length: 172mm

Width: 62mm

Thickness: 20mm
Extra Thick Foam Knee Pads

- Material: EVA Foam

- Measurement

Length: 175mm

Width: 120mm

Thickness: 12mm

How to use this floor installation kit?

Step 1:

Spacers are used between the wall and the flooring to allow for natural expansion of wood products. The spacers have "serrated" edges that lock them into the correct position once a board is placed against them.

Step 2:

Start by placing the long edge of tapping block against flooring. With a hammer, gently tap the other long edge of the tapping block to push the flooring together to form a tight fit. It can be used with both adhered and glue less laminate or hardwood floating flooring systems.

Step 3:

Place the short end of the pull bar down so the lip hangs down over the end of the flooring panel With the tall end pointing up use a hammer and gently tap the tall section pulling the flooring together.

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I'm a contractor and I have tried about every blade out there and these seem to be top shelf. Im not gonna say they are the best but i will definitely be purchasing more.



Oh, let me tell you about the incredible Diamond Cutting Wheel! This magnificent tool defies all expectations and cuts through metal like a hot knife through butter, creating a mesmerizingly smooth finish that’s simply out of this world!



This countersink set is a must have in your tool box. It is important if you're a stickler for finishing jobs and want everything to look amazing and beautiful. It is very durable and will last after job.



This disk is immortal. I've cut so many things its hard to understand how the disk even exists anymore, let alone still cuts things... I will encourage others to buy them.