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I had these on an oscillating tool from harbor freight and used them to cut through a stubborn tie rod end. I had to use two blades because of poor cut planning. I also cut a mounting bracket off some struts and a decently thick motorcycle chain because I didn't have a chain breaker and the chain didn't have a master link. They've accomplished everything I've thrown at them and are 1/3 the price of the comparable blades in a hardware store. I'm buying another pair to keep them stocked in my tool bag.

Rusty Shackleford

After breaking a pilot bit on a bi-metal hole saw, I came across this hole saw for cutting through a stainless steel electrical enclosure (NEMA 3 / 4 / 12). I used with a Dewalt 20V cordless drill set to 1 (lower torque) and held the trigger about halfway down to try to get to 200 rpm (full speed on 1 = 600 rpm). I used Oatey dark thread cutting oil.I was highly impressed by how easily the tungsten carbide teeth kept moving in the metal at such a low speed. I'll be buying a few more of these hole saws for other sizes I need.

Darren Alcorn

I just finished up a paver walkway and had several cuts I had to do. No need to bring out the big saw with these little blades. I attached one to my grinder and made all my cuts without even wearing one blade down. It cut through the brick like a hot knife through butter. Absolutely love these blades and at that price range I’ll be stocking up. Definitely recommend them to anyone who needs to cut through masonry.

Bryan Brooks

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