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12 & 18 Inch Carbide Demolition Masonry Reciprocating Saw Blade For Cutting Brick,Concrete

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Size: 12 & 18 INCH

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@Project Farm

EZARC is your best choice when considering cutting speed and cost performance, maybe there is no better one than it. I recommend it to everyone.



I'm a contractor and I have tried about every blade out there and these seem to be top shelf. Im not gonna say they are the best but i will definitely be purchasing more.



Oh, let me tell you about the incredible Diamond Cutting Wheel! This magnificent tool defies all expectations and cuts through metal like a hot knife through butter, creating a mesmerizingly smooth finish that’s simply out of this world!



This countersink set is a must have in your tool box. It is important if you're a stickler for finishing jobs and want everything to look amazing and beautiful. It is very durable and will last after job.



This disk is immortal. I've cut so many things its hard to understand how the disk even exists anymore, let alone still cuts things... I will encourage others to buy them.