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6/10/14/18tpi, 6 in. Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade Set For Metal and Wood Cutting

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EZARC Reciprocating Saw Blades 6 Inch, Bi-Metal Demolition Sabre Saw Blade Set for Metal and Wood Cutting (12 Pack)


Great Performance

Metal cutting reciprocating saw blades set is made of premium quality Bi-metal for faster cutting and added durability. Our wood saw blades are made of high-quality heat-treated chrome vanadium steel, which has extremely high durability and has a much longer service life than HCS reciprocating saw blades.

Fast Cutting

Wood/metal demolition reciprocating saw blade kit adopts the design of grinding teeth and dividing teeth, which is conducive to fast chip removal and improving cutting efficiency.

Wide Application

EZARC metal reciprocating saw blade is perfect for cutting metal, thick pipe, nails, thick metal plate, thin metal plate. And our wood reciprocating saw blades are suitable for outdoor garden pruning, wood cutting, tree pruning, and plastic pipes cutting.

Wood & Metal Saw Blade

Assorted teeth rate to cover the applications of common cutting requests.2 Pcs 6" Bi-metal wood & nails saw blade 6TPI, 2 Pcs 6" Bi-metal saw blade 10TPI, 2 Pcs 6" Bi-metal metal saw blade 14TPI, 2 Pcs 6" Bi-metal thin metal saw blade 18TPI, 4 Pcs 6" wood saw blade 6TPI.

Universal Shank

EZARC multi-purpose reciprocating saw blade kit fits all brands of reciprocating saw tools such as Milwaukee Sawzall, DeWalt, Bosch, Makita, Black & Decker, Porter Cable, Skil, Ryobi, Hitachi, Metabo, and more.

 Bi-Metal Sawzall Blade Kit 6/10/14/18 Assorted TPI 12-Pack For Metal And Wood Cutting:


 EZARC Multipurpose Reciprocating Saw Blade Set Devote to Great Performance & Longer Service Life

•Combination set provides a selection of blades for common applications.
•Compatible with most of reciprocating saw brands such as such as DeWalt, Makita, Ridgid, Milwaukee, Porter & cable.
•Assorted blades for cutting wood, metal, hard wood, wood with nails, plastic and fibreglass-reinforced.

2 PCS 6" bi-metal wood & nails saw blade 6TPI

2 Pcs 6" bi-metal metal saw blade 10TPI

2 Pcs 6" bi-metal metal saw blade 14TPI

2 Pcs 6" bi-metal thin metal saw blade 18TPI

4 Pcs 6" wood pruning saw blade 6TPI


Product Description:

Material: Bi-Metal with 8% Cobalt

Color: White and Blue

Number of Pieces: 12 Pack

Size: 6'' 150mm

Weight: 8.29 ounces/ 235g

Compatible Material: Metal reciprocating saw blade is perfect for cutting metal, thick pipe, nails, thick metal plate, thin metal plate.

Size: 6in. 12PC SET

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@Project Farm

EZARC is your best choice when considering cutting speed and cost performance, maybe there is no better one than it. I recommend it to everyone.



I'm a contractor and I have tried about every blade out there and these seem to be top shelf. Im not gonna say they are the best but i will definitely be purchasing more.



Oh, let me tell you about the incredible Diamond Cutting Wheel! This magnificent tool defies all expectations and cuts through metal like a hot knife through butter, creating a mesmerizingly smooth finish that’s simply out of this world!



This countersink set is a must have in your tool box. It is important if you're a stickler for finishing jobs and want everything to look amazing and beautiful. It is very durable and will last after job.



This disk is immortal. I've cut so many things its hard to understand how the disk even exists anymore, let alone still cuts things... I will encourage others to buy them.