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1-3/8 in. Carbide Oscillating Blade For Hardened Metals,OIC34B

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  • Up to 30x longer lifetime with carbide teeth design

  • A 'MUST HAVE' blade for tough cutting jobs on hard material

  • Carbide teeth for high performance in metal and other materials

Oscillating Tool Blades

EZARC Carbide Oscillating Multitool Blades Heavy Duty 3-Pack:

 EZARC Professional Carbide Oscillating Saw Blade Heavy Duty for Hard Materials

User Insight
Traditional HCS and Bi-Metal flush cut blade can only cut soft materials, teeth are easy to wear out when cutting hard material such as Hardened Nails, screw or reinforced fiberglass. Users are always complain the terrible lifetime of bi-metal blades on metal applications.

EZARC Solution
EZARC Carbide blade lasts 30 times longer versus a conventional bi-metal option in metal, the high performance carbide teeth allows you to cut through concrete nails, stainless steel, cement board, fiber glass, sheet metal, hardwood with ease.

Teeth Material: Tungsten Carbide

Cutting Width: 1-3/8" (34mm)

Cutting Depth: 1-3/5" (40mm)

Accessories: B-Brand and D-Brand adapters

How to Choose the Right Oscillating Tool Blade for Your Job ?

Oscillating tools work by fast and brisk side-to-side movement. Given that there are multiple types of jobs and different teeth material, one might be at lost as to which blade to select. upper image shows how to choose oscillating tool blades for your different cutting demands.

Please Note:
Carbide blade is very great for hardened nails and bolts cutting, but it is not great for wood and soft metal cutting because of the flat teeth geometry design.


Width of cut: 1-3/8in.(34mm)

Color: Black

Accessories: Bosch / Dremel adapters

Blade Size: 3.46 x 1.34 x 0.04 inches/ Pack size: ‎8.8 x 3.4 x 0.1 cm

Weight: 3.53 ounces/ 100g


Teeth Material: Tungsten Carbide

Cutting Width: 1-3/8" (34mm)

Cutting Depth: 1-3/5" (40mm)

Number of Pieces: 3 Pack

Size: OIC34B

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@Project Farm

EZARC is your best choice when considering cutting speed and cost performance, maybe there is no better one than it. I recommend it to everyone.



I'm a contractor and I have tried about every blade out there and these seem to be top shelf. Im not gonna say they are the best but i will definitely be purchasing more.



Oh, let me tell you about the incredible Diamond Cutting Wheel! This magnificent tool defies all expectations and cuts through metal like a hot knife through butter, creating a mesmerizingly smooth finish that’s simply out of this world!



This countersink set is a must have in your tool box. It is important if you're a stickler for finishing jobs and want everything to look amazing and beautiful. It is very durable and will last after job.



This disk is immortal. I've cut so many things its hard to understand how the disk even exists anymore, let alone still cuts things... I will encourage others to buy them.